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Curb Dog Project

In Activist Art One Person at a Time on July 23, 2010 at 1:38 am
Activist Art to Cure ACC in your neighborhood

Curb Dog - Photo by Aimee Margolis ©2010

Aimee Says:

On June 29th, a hot steamy day, Emily, Kevin (a bloke from Scotland) and I went out on the streets to educate the community about curb confusion. (a new disease called ACC). Kevin on video, Emily and I on stencil and spray paint, three artists with a mission to change one ACC dog owner at a time. Emily and I, each with a different color of paint, clarifying with stencil in hand, where the mysterious curb is so the poor misguided dogs/dog owners could find it easily. I had no difficulty in spraying the site, and went over to give Emily a quick course on using stencils, less is more, in using spray paint. We got the street done, before my acetate stencil disintegrated to a gooey mess. (I need to fine a better stencil material?!) The landlords, supers, and neighbors cheered us on, with stories of how they hate the “snarky dog owners” who just wee at will on our lovely trees and flower beds and then go to their ritzy turf knowing if they did it on their own streets, would get fined by their super! I just thought these people had ACC, but it seems from what the neighbors say, it is ACHC! (Attention Curb Homie Confusion). We got some amazing photos and Kevin shot a video of the Curb Dog Art Project. Soon we may be on your street doing our Activist Art and trying to make a difference.

Emily says:

Activist Art

Helping New York one curb at a time.

It is the law to find the curb and have your dog use it.

Curing Attention Curb Confusion for a better NYC

Charlie's Angels

Kevin, Emily, & Aimee

The whole gang - Kevin, Emily, & Aimee

Activist art project to cure ACC in the community.I found Aimee through a community art website. She was looking for people to help her with an art project. After meeting her and hearing her story I decided to spend a day helping her out. Little did I know we would be spray painting stencils on the street trying to educate people as to the location of the curb. Aimee is part of a community task force which is trying to educate the public about where their dogs should be pissing. Aimee calls this problem ACC, Attention Curb Confusion. Nobody likes walking down the streets when they are socked with urine and I thought it would be an interesting experience to learn more about the city and activist art.

  1. love that you’re doing this! it’s such a great project.

    • Thank you. If there are any streets in your neighborhood that would benefit from this public/activist art project to curb ACC, please tell us.
      Thank you for your support and if you can tell friends and loved ones to subscribe to this blog, that would help:)

  2. This is very creative…keep up the good work!!! Love it.

  3. Aimee, honey I am glad you are down on the street consorting with us, the gutter dwellers.
    I hope that by now you have a sturdier stencil material (dillutant resistant) and maybe even one in Spanish for any chihuahua living in your area (they might be small, but they leave a mark!!!
    … Emily is cute, is she single?

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