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In Where art is never curbed... on July 26, 2010 at 2:00 am

Today was a tornado day in Manhattan, gusty winds and rain, with “no curbing” the bewildered today with   CURB   DOG – on the side of the pavement. I have received requests from several people who are interested in being part of the Curb/Dog Project on the streets of NYC. All I say is, if you have a natural love of life and want to make a difference, give us a line.

It would be cool if we had grass root art activists all over the city and all over the country trying to cure of ACC (Attention Curb Confusion) especially with dog owners, making our streets fresh to walk down again. (You also need to have a great sense of humor, ACC is spoofing. As well as ACHC, Attention Curb Homie Confusion, – which was spoken about in our first Blog entry.) So see you all soon where art can hopefully make a difference!

Curbing with paint

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