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Life On the Curb

In Uncategorized on August 6, 2010 at 5:08 pm

I am  always changing and this week I have more people on board on Curb/Dog Project and several other art programs. We started by stenciling a street in the Upper West Side that many people felt was a landmine of ACC ( Attention Curb Confusion) incidents that permeate with a heavy stench that suffocates the nice surroundings. It seems no matter how beautiful the buildings or surroundings are, – ACC hits!

Kim Land - Dynamic Activist

A new activist Kim Land, agile and dynamic and I, stenciled two blocks in no time, even with the heat of the day, people were very appreciative and gave us a thumbs up on our very visual and accessible art that no one can buy, but everyone can appreciate. I would like to cover all curbs eventually around the country (Maybe the world!) until ACC is cured and our streets are free to be walked proudly again. Here are some quick pictures to note the days events. Please everyone subscribe, I just put the subscription tag on the site!

Curb Dog in White

Curbing our words...

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