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The Art of Being There – I’m Back!

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Tasteless and in the wrong place.


Hello, been putting more activist style on the streets and it has been a busy time. From videoing and being in the Hudson River Pageant earlier this season,

Aimee Margolis painting on humans

and doing the body painting for many of the performers for the Environmental Mardi Gras on the Hudson River, –  to hiking in the Berkshires and  painting up a storm. (Another hike will be going on, so come along on in Oct.9th to paint & draw
> It’s crazy fun.

The only thing I am not crazy for is the love of money, and how people in power step on the simplest things. From the New York skyline with one of the man-made wonders of the world, to the worst man-made disasters in the world. The Empire State building and  Ground Zero area Mosque are all about money and power and just because you can, – doesn’t mean you should.

Totally painted “Sky”and ready for the Hudson River Pageant

I am all for building and change, but not on sacred ground. The view of the Empire State building within several blocks, will be bombarded by Mr Ugly, a typical all glass, no face Viagra inspired building, that no one will want to see 50 years from now, let alone 10. The Ground-Zero area Mosque, procured by a slum lord Abdul Rauf, who’s a poser for peace. If he wanted true peace and tolerance he would never consider building on other’s sacred ground. (It didn’t work when Kalif El Wahd did it in Jerusalem on the Jew’s sacred ground on 711 AC.)  Years from now, I can only imagine the results caused by this lack of sensitivity ramming America’s icons. What is happening in Jerusalem may happen to New York, big time.

On a fun filled night, yesterday, a friend and I were “invited” to see a fashion show at Lincoln Center’s Fashion week. Thank you, it was fun to see Sara Jessica Parker & Anna Wintour, American icons of fashion. I hope no one builds a mosque or a boring, blimpy building on them too.

Happy New Year and a New Season! Hey, Don’t just tolerate, be active!

To see more body painting and photography by Aimée Margolis

Fashion Week Anyone?

Huson River Pageant directed by Felecia Young

  1. Keep going, Aimee – your art and your innovations leave me breathless. My only regret is that I now live in LA. But nevertheless – I get the buzz and am totally sucked into your amazing world of opinion and fantasy!!

  2. That is a smart statement: “The only thing I am not crazy for is the love of money, and how people in power step on the simplest things.” This way of thinking will bring love and love brings success.I love the Totally painted “Sky” project. It’s a very elegant, exotic, full of fantasy model.

  3. How do I sign up to your blog? It is an amazing site. Write more!

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