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Curbing Spring Fever!

In Where art is never curbed... on April 8, 2011 at 6:06 am

By Guest Blogger Sara Saunders

We can’t curb the Spring and it is finally here. In March we had Art Week, the weather was iffy, but Aimee Margolis performed at Scope NY First View with the special VIP performance of her Edible Art Project. So Yoon Kim videoed the art piece with all the spectators gladly being part of the performance. The Edible Art Video will be in my next blog entry….

The Edible Art was created literally by the artist who baked and etched statements on sugar and ginger cookies with her own hands.  ( no out-sourcing here, Jeff Koons.) These 66 cookies were given out to curators, collectors, and dealers to nurture the art community and to poke them at the same time. With statements they literally ate were-  “Art You”,  “Money vs Talent”,  “Art Confusion”,  “Art Guru”, “Talent or Tawdry”, “Beauty over Death”, and “Confused by Truth”. The art community was ravenous and ate them up but, for the more serious collector they had the option to save the art work and put it on the wall. That was a dilemma for many, to eat or to save the art as the Art Giver, Aimee Margolis  walked slowly through the crowd choosing to give an edible art piece, or a full colored post-card of the work, or a colored slip of paper describing the performance. It was an amazing, original work that was well received from everyone including Florida collector Martin Z Margulies to Peter Surace of Rare Gallery and everyone in between. Check out the performance video>


 “There was plenty of great art to see at Art Week” Written by Aimée Margolis

Volta, with their beautiful location near the Empire State Building was very well organized with plenty of leaflets to take and remember ones favorite artists. Though a little too tight and structured, the creative spark it once had made it harder to find this year. Something that was cool, was an Israeli artist – Daniel Rozin, who had a great mix of high science and detritus with his Trash Mirror. This piece changed when you got near it with the trash elements moving with your movements making your body silhouetted upon the work. Another piece totally technological looking was a large monitor that repeated hundreds of black lines and every time you moved it would change and make an impression of you. The work made animpression on me and me on the work.

Dan Rozin’s piece with an impression of me in the work.

Fountain Art Fair – “Chairing”

At Fountain Art Fair there was a lot of interesting things to see. Mostly angry art and if you didn’t mind the chaos there was a lot of performance pieces as well. I liked the chair performance, and it was performed by Arianne Foks. The work started with Ms Foks putting over her body a gold plastic sheet, then on her feet, green rubber dish gloves. With Amazonian skill she was able to “walk” with the chairs all around the crowd on the uneven floor. I thought it was amazing the skill and balance it took to do this performance. There was a exhibitionistic performance by David Boylan. The question I had – is it confidence or ego that enables this totally nude artist to perform this rather lame performance piece? I like that Fountain wasn’t sexist in their choosing male performance art (unlike Scope that was all for the male gaze.) David Boylan with trite graffiti behind him, and a Santa Claus hat to keep him warm, was totally nude beside a cross made of light boxes on this drafty site. I asked him the question, but he said that words are meaningless. I asked for his concept and he just spoke meaningless art jargon. Then he flaps his member with glee. I decided to embellish his cross with a design to give it some pizazz and hopefully more meaning.

Good art viewing : )

Designing Boylan

Cutting some moves at the New Museum party!


  1. Hi girls,
    i just saw your blog, and yes i’m the one who did the performance called “now i wanna be your frog”.
    It’s nice to know you liked it!
    Keep in Touch
    best regards

  2. At the Venice Art Crawl in Venice Beach, California, I created four original, edible pieces of artwork for a few hundred people to sample.

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