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In The Art of mass murders with FDA approval! on July 27, 2012 at 6:31 am

Fred Tomaselli‘s painting of cosmic pill taking.           

A Serious Note   by Aimée Margolis                             

There is an art of putting pharmaceuticals on the market that require proof of desired effect in clinical trials. Solvay Drug Company put out Luvox, with side effects of manic and psychotic reaction. Eric Harris a student at Columbine High School was prescribed by his doctor, Zoloft and then soon after, switched Eric to Luvox, – 8.4 times higher than any other medication to be associated with violence. The combo of this deadly martini interacting together, has never been tested on children. The main tenets of the Hippocratic oath is for the doctor to prescribe regimens for the good of the patients and never do harm to anyone? Eric said he stopped taking Luvox, but they found Luvox in Eric Harris’s system at the time of his suicide.

There are side effects when you take these drugs and there are hazardous side effects when you stop the drug abruptly. It takes a long time to clear your system of the effects of these potent chemicals. Hop-scotching and changing drugs prescriptions with others or sea-sawing and stopping then taking again, will have adverse consequences with the chemistry of some individual’s brains that the drug companies have no clue or maybe don’t care about.

“Guns Don’t Kill People, the NRA Does” – motto of the day

The records of Dylan Kiebold and most young mass murders are sealed to allegedly protect the privacy of a minor, though every private detail of the family is copiously discussed by the media except the link of the possible usage of hazardous effects of pharmaceuticals? The media blames the stresses of todays youth, on bulling, of a lousy school system and parents who are out to lunch, – but these ills have always been present in every generation, and more so during the 30’s and 40’s; – but they did not have mass murders shooting up their schools or movie theaters. What should we do?

FDA should use its leverage to demand full disclosure and investigation of the wide usage of hazardous drug side-effects on the youth in the United States. Guns, an old reoccurring issue – and any big corporation like the National Rifle Association and the Drug Companies, have their mindset of making money and gaining power.

The Drug Companies and the NRA do not care about American’s Constitutional Rights or making America a healthier place to live, but making money and more power to then persuade you to buy more. It’s the Fine Art of fostering fear that keeps our fellow Americans who have normal deer rifles (that shoot one bullet at a time) to then think it’s OK to keep it legal to dispense machine guns that kill many in seconds. Why not? 

Guns are quick and easy. None of these mass murders had a disposition for violence. None killed kittens in their youth. If you read the labels of the FDA approved drugs Prozac, Zoloft, Luvox, Paxil and loads of other selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) you’ll see they do the opposite of what they are prescribed to do. But they are cash cows for the industry and the doctors who deal with these drugs. 

Kip Kinkel of Oregon was taking Prozac when he mass murdered people in Oregon. James Holmes, the recent Colorado Killer of patrons in a movie theater was hooked on pharmaceuticals, he seems he took a cocktail of drugs that altered his mind permanently. Mary Kennedy, though not a mass murderer, was a well educated adult, used anti-depressants when she hung herself. Though not all drugs are bad, but like guns they need to be given responsibly and with full disclosure. FDA and the media have to start doing their jobs; a full disclosure and investigation is the next step.

Sand and Water Series of Photography 2011 by Aimée Margolis

Speaking of Stoned

Here is nature’s version of getting stoned,  but no drug cartel, no terrorists, no illegal substances and no photo shop! A series of continuing work, that relies on drawing on the environment – of sand, water and stones to make a relevant comment on our environment. Just as the story above is on humane nature this group of work is on nature versus human kind.

This is my favorite way of getting stoned, using friends and loved one’s traits to enable me to communicate the fragility of life and the confusion that is taking place in the media and science world. As politics are polarizing people on the issues of our environmental dilemma; it is business as usual, that is the driving force in our world today? But so like the tide – it can change, and big business might make money going truly green. Then I’ll do some art work concerning how green is our economy – in more ways than one. Never Curb your love of art!

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